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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Tips Wise with Credit Card

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Flexibility and variety of benefits offered by credit card partially offset by the danger either temptation to buy and live outside the ability. It is also the danger of abuse and credit card fraud. Given the danger behind the use of credit cards, then the wise thing what can you do?

* Do not have too many credit cards
# Having a lot of credit cards will cost you to pay annual dues and make you tempted to spend more. A maximum of 2 credit cards that must be owned. If you have more than that, you should immediately close the other credit cards. Considerations in choosing a credit card which will be maintained including interest rate credit cards, credit cards and limit the benefits offered by credit cards really useful for Anda.Anggarkan funds for credit card spending in the budget, enter the maximum amount of funds that may be used by kredit.Mencatat card purchases using a credit card with a note will help you find out how much you should pay so that will help you to 'brake' next purchase. This record can be matched with invoices to make sure you actually made the purchase.
Try to always pay the full bill
This is useful so you do not burdened by a very large flowers. Do not be tempted to just pay the minimum bill. If you already have a mortgage or credit card debt, prioritize earnestly to immediately pay off your debt by being more frugal. For example, by reducing the visiting cafes, shopping or eating out. If you are boarding or renting a home, consider whether you can move to another place cheaper.
Avoid using credit cards to withdraw cash
Credit cards can indeed be used to withdraw cash at an ATM, but it is not free. You must pay interest on the cash withdrawal value even higher than the rate for spending.

# Beware of credit card fraud
Standby credit card fraud increasingly diverse either by phone or Internet. So, keep careful not notify the credit card number, expiration date, or other information to strangers. Do not lend your credit card to someone else.

Do not let your finances get worse with credit card debt. Use credit cards wisely so that your finances remain strong.

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* Pay your credit card bill in full each maturity date or at least 80% of the existing bill, do not pay the minimum paymentnya, because large flowers resulted in subsequent
* Use a flat rate for each transaction spending, with this bill will relieve us of every month, now many banks have implemented a flat rate for their transactions, such as 1.67% or even 0% depending on the time period specified installments


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