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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Here's How Bad Guy 'Peeping' ATM Card

Wednesday, 20/01/2010 14:30 WIB

Wicak Hidayat - detikinet

Jakarta - skimming mode is often used by perpetrators of crimes in breaking the bank customer's ATM card given. This mode is allegedly committed by a group of cyber criminals in Bali that eventually led to hundreds of millions of money gone BCA customers.

Mode is alleged to have existed since the early days of ATM cards became popular. Although the method in the past may be relatively modest compared with current methods.

Skimming can occur because of information stored magnetically on the ATM card. This information is hijacked by a special device and then copied to the card 'bulging'.

Perpetrators also need to know Personal Identification Number (PIN) to the victim could use the fake cards. The most 'easy' to obtain your PIN is by peering over the shoulder of the customers when transacting or using the camera recorder.

Here is some information about skimming detikINET collected from several sources, Wednesday (20/1/2010):

* Skimming can be done by installing additional equipment (electronic data capture) in the 'mouth' ATM machines.
* The device will transmit data wirelessly to the perpetrator or store data on some storage media.
* In the U.S., even skimming is done by installing a fake ATM machine.
* Principals also 'complete' mode with a camera or other recording devices to obtain customer identification number.
* Usually actors skimming devices installed on the late night and / or in quiet location
* Usually installed skimming only for a while (few hours)
* Skimming can also be done outside the ATM, for example through the elements in place of shopping or restaurants.

How to avoid skimming?

* Recognize the ATM machine used properly.
* If possible, use ATMs in the same location as often as possible so it will look if there is a change.
* Note if there is something strange about the ATM machine such as scratches, stains, tape, glue and former matters more suspicious.
* If you find a change or anomaly in the ATM, report it to the Bank and the delay / do not do the transaction.
* Strive to access ATM's in bank or in a crowded location and light to minimize the risk.
* To use an ATM card outside (the place of shopping or restaurants) always look at what the officer on the card and ask if there is a strange behavior.
* If you used when shopping, the card should only digesekkan on the official machine and cash register, ask the clerk if swiping the card to another device (especially if equipment is somewhere hidden behind the counter).

* Sources

additional ATM machine mouth when inserting a different color between the edge and the center should move ATM card.


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