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Thursday, 28 January 2010

How to Overcome Customer Complaints?

Easy steps that you can follow when things are not in accordance with the plan.

Fifteen years ago I was complaining to a leading Italian restaurant in Minneapolis. I still remember how bad the employee response to my complaint. In fact, I use it on customer service seminars. This shows the strength we have to give to customers to get the experience unforgettable.

Here are some rules that I teach at the seminar to help deal with customer complaints. If you and your staff follow these rules, you can change the customer is not happy to be a loyal customer to your business.

1. Listening.

Give your full attention. Do not do anything else. Do not 'half-listening'. Write down what they say to you and get things specific. Make sure you understand it. Just focus on them.

2. Let them talk.

Do not interrupt. Do not explain, defend themselves, or to judge. They do not care about their problems and do not want your version of the story. They were angry and wanted to vent, so let it be.

3. Request sincerely forgive.

It's hard to do especially if you are not causing the problem. If in this situation you ask forgive me, you will not be blamed for causing the problem. You ask forgive me, because customers experience an unpleasant thing. Put yourself in their position. Be sincere.

4. Ask them how you can fix it. And do more.

Too many employees are not responded to either complaint or generic, stock response, such as spending money to pay bills. But the risk is to make the customer more upset if it was not what they want. In fact, you may make other people be offended by offering discounts.

A better way is to ask what they want. You are being genuine and polite. Many people who do not want a lot of things. Usually they just want to, for example, if they ask for free food, your response might be "Mr.. Smith, tonight you would have dinner at home. But I want to buy you dinner and spend some time if you join us. Are you objections? "

5. To convince them you'll fix the problem.

Because you have listened to and understand their complaints, you understand why they are so upset. Take the next step and convince them that you will take precautions in order not to happen again. If not, why they should come back again? (However, you also need to fix the problem.)

6. Grateful to them.

Without direct feedback from customers, we do not know what we can give to customers. When they say that they failed to give us valuable information of how we can improve our business. They tell us what needs to be done so that customers come back again. So, thank for their assistance. Very rare to find customers willing to spend time and effort to give feedback. Grateful to them will make them will always come back to you.

If your employees handle every customer complaint using these steps, it would be many customers who come back to you. You will have a healthier business because of the improved situation. Loyal customers are the foundation of a healthy business and long-lasting.

Author: Kevin Stirtz helps companies increase revenue and profits by improving customer loyalty.


Translated by: Iin - Tim web resources


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