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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

If all of a businessman

Sociologist David McClelland argues, "A country can be prosperous if there are entrepreneurs (employers) at least 2% of the population". While Indonesia is only 0.18% of the total population, or 400,000 of the person who became entrepreneurs. So our country is still far from the number of prosperity.

Compare this with Singapore's neighbors, they have a 7% population as a businessman. As a result of their labor shortage and import from outside. What factors that cause a country to produce more entrepreneurs? First, incentives for entrepreneurs is enlarged, such as the ease of opening a business enterprise, business credit facility with a mild interest, until the tax break. Even more important is the 'murder' Pungli by the authorities. But it's not the main factor, because it is 'the lure'. As I write in the book business persilatan "The Power of destitute" (Scholastic), "destitute people are the greatest motivation for change". As long as too much protection for the workers, a sense of comfort that would undermine this nation's mental. Well, this is the second most important factor to be done, especially by the government. History records, the 'patriots' grow when oppression occurs. It sounded no parent 'keburuhan' and the turmoil will happen if this is implemented. But I'm sure, will gradually see a result, economic growth (and employers) will increase. But it must also be balanced with the rise of a campaign to 'owners', so they are not too depressed and cause turmoil.

Just an idea, what if we make the movement 'One Million Employers' or '10 million Employers'? Well like what this country if entrepreneurs bursting? No doubt many readers frowned and asked, "Kalo all Indonesian people to be entrepreneurs ... Who will be kulinya Mas J? "Simple aja, ya live import TKA (Foreign Labor / Arabic), TKB (Bule Labor), TKM (Manpower Malaysia). Just imagine, when you have a driver of Caucasians, cool it! Cook we are still proud to be exporting country workers, raped again! Besides, the condition is not necessarily happen in this century 1 in Indonesia. Why? MENTAL PASRAHnya too big. "It's my destiny to be an employee, yes lakoni aja!" He said. Poor banget tuh the 'fate', is always a scapegoat. As a final reflection materials, "Why wage workers in Indonesia cheap labor?" For some entrepreneurs, kulinya abundance! If entrepreneurs lot, kulinya bit, certainly high wages and employers will not arbitrarily!
"Instead of protests, Better Business We're Open!" FIGHT!
Sent by: Jaya Setiabudi
Director of the Young Entrepreneur Academy
Rahman Mhan


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