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Friday, 20 January 2012

Conflict 1965 History Birth of Vespa Super

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In January 1965, Australia agreed to send troops to Borneo after receiving many requests from Malaysia. Australian troops included 3 Royal Australian Regiment and the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. There are about fourteen thousand British and Commonwealth forces in Australia at the time.

Officially, British and Australian troops could not follow attackers over the Indonesian border. However, units like the Special Air Service, both Britain and Australia, signed in secret (see Operation Claret). Australia acknowledges these incursions in 1996.

In mid 1965, Indonesia began to use his official army. On June 28, they crossed the border into eastern Sebatik Island near Tawau, Sabah and dealing with Askar Malay Regiment and the King Police In North Borneo Armed Constabulary.

In the same year the Vespa also fought master automotive market by removing some of these variants

  1. Vespa 50N

  2. Vespa 90 Super Sprint

  3. Vespa 125

  4. Vespa 125 Super

  5. Vespa 150 Super
  6. Vespa 180 Super Sport

Towards the end of 1965, General Suharto came to power in Indonesia after the course of the coup. Because of this domestic conflict, Indonesian desire to continue the war with Malaysia to be reduced and the battle subsided.

On May 28, 1966 at a conference in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Malaysia and the Indonesian government announced a settlement of the conflict. Violence ended in June, and the peace agreement signed on August 11 and was inaugurated two days kemudian.Namun Motors Vespa produced in that year can still be encountered to date ini.Sunguh vehicle reminiscent of the bloody conflict at that time.



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