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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Susi Pudjiastuti; First basket of fish, now Have 50 Aircraft Sale Ring to the Capital, Bank Lending and Tought Crazy

[Tuesday, March 23, 2010]

His decision came out of school at the age of 17 years is very regrettable two parents. However, thanks to perseverance and hard work, now has 50 aircraft Pudjiastuti Susi and quality of fish processing factories for export market.

AGUS Wirawan, Pangandaran

The wind was blowing at sea that brought the Cessna approached Beach Post Java Pangandaran, West Java. After spinning all over the blue waters, with a capacity of 10 passenger aircraft is then dipped, then landed on a beautiful beach.

Runway construction, typical take-off and landing was made from a mixture of compacted sand-stone. ''This is a private airport (private property). The length of one kilometer,''said a middle-aged woman with a friendly, welcoming Java Pos.

His name is Susi Pudjiastuti, president director of PT milk Pudjiastuti engaged in fisheries and PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation, which operates flights Susi Air. Curly reddish hair, his voice hoarse, raspy, yet sociable demeanor.

Not only fluent English that comes out of his mouth when talking with its pilots that Caucasian. Susi-familiar call-and also use of Sundanese and Javanese occasionally to his aides.

''What I like learning languages aja. What is important to make angry and commanding. Because, with that, I can work,''he said then laughed.

Today, the woman born in Pangandaran, January 15, 1965, has 50 units of various types of aircraft. Among others, the Grand Caravan 208B, Piaggio Avanti II, Pilate Porter, and the Diamond DA 42. Most of the aircraft was operated outside of Java such as Papua and Kalimantan.

''There is hired. However, there is operated solely by Susi Air. Usually used in border areas by local governments or the private sector,''the woman explained that her right calf with a phoenix tattooed images that dangling tail.

Susi did not peg the price of aircraft leasing in particular. Therefore, this depends on the services requested party tenants. The rent also varies, but an average of USD 400-USD 500 per hour.

Sometimes''there is going to USD 600-USD 700 per hour. Oil companies want to pay USD 1000 for disparate service levels required. For the purposes of flying, all appliances provided Susi Air. Aircraft, pilots, and fuel. So that they live nett price to pay,''he asserted.

Susi business talent seen since I was young. Tough stance and willingness imprinted Susi at the age of 17 years. He decided to quit school when class II high school. Not wanting to live in a way nebeng parents, he tries to live independently. But, the reality is not as easy as one might imagine.

''Just take a diploma school, if so what are my working ngelamar. My do not want a mediocre,''he said.

The hard work was dilakoni time. Started to sell clothes, bedcovers, until the results of the earth like cloves. Every day, Susi had to get around town is preserved using motorcycles to market their wares. Until, he realizes that potential is preserved in the field of fisheries. Start''I want to fish for sale every day at hundreds of fishermen,''he said.

In 1983, armed with USD 750 thousand, the result of fashion jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings his own, following in the footsteps Susi Pangandaran many women who worked as a basket of fish. Every morning at certain hours, he chipped the others huddled together in TPI (places of fish auction). ''On the first day, I can just one kilogram of fish, purchased a small restaurant acquaintance of mine,''he said.

Not enough just in Pangandaran, Susi started thinking expands its market to the big cities like Jakarta. Than just hire him, he would then buy a truck with ice and cooling systems to bring fresh fish to Jakarta. ''Every day, three o'clock, I went from Pangandaran. Until the middle of the night in Jakarta, then back again to Pangandaran,''he said, remembering the heavy routine work in the past.

Although successful in business, Susi admitted failure in terms of romance. Female admirers in the world of puppet figures of Semar's claim was three times married. But, he arungi Plow with three blue and beautiful as her husband did not Pangandaran Beach. All foundered.

From the latter her husband, Christian von Strombeck, the Wonder Woman's got the inspiration to develop the aviation business. ''He was an aviation engineer,''he continued.

The Christian is an expatriate who has worked in IPTN (Nusantara Aircraft Industry, now PT DI). Early introduction to his French origin that occur because of frequent travel to Christian's Restaurant Hilmans Susi at Pangandaran Beach. Starting as a brief introduction, Christian eventually apply for Susi. Restaurants''I was busy. 70-100 visitors a day can be,''he said.


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