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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mang Ratno the Cool

Assalamu'alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

A little inspirational story at the end of the week,
This story happened a few days ago when I visited my Grandma in Tanjung Priok. (Make no mistake, not a living tomb Mbah Priok, my Grandma was still healthy wal'afiat)
Because the location of the Grandma's house in a small alley which is only fit for a car passed, rather than later backed promote hassle car if another car, I chose to park at the end of the alley.

Suddenly there was an SUV parked in front of my car, the driver fell over.
Assalamua'alaikum, Neng Geulis. Hhmm Wa'alaikum salam honest too ya Dad.
Neng Geulis very troublesome, these kids huh? Wow, already three yes. Help dizzy here. Want to Grandma's house well
Yes, sir, my brain immediately googling the contents of its memory. But almost to the front of my Grandma's house have not found an answer to the identity of the father.
Neng, will not go back yes, back again later the same dizzy Aunt

Long story short, less than an hour you'd go back to Grandma's house with his wife. It turned out that my Grandma is very familiar with them.
This is the Ratno, Rin, Do you remember the guns? That used to selling chicken porridge at the end of the alley

Hah, Mang Ratno? Who used to frequent my chicken porridge utangin if she forgot to give us fits pocket money.?Wow, now selling chicken porridge can have a SUV!.

That's one car cuman Rin, I rented too many Mbah a thumbs-up wrinkled.

Based on the results of my investigation into a deep, (gak!), Finally revealed her success story as well. Dizzy headache, Neng. It was the child of four. If so dizzy aja cuman pulp sales, whichever enough. Not to mention if anyone ngutangin

I'm offended weight. But because I am more willing to learn from him, then I tepis my umbrage. Hehehe.

But if I really dizzy porridge selling guns, how else, usually it doang cuman.
Dizzy think hard, to sleepless nights loh. Dizzy thinks if had only one stall, the result is, well, that much alone. Cuman enough for a meal. It also has Alhamdulillah, hell
Finally, call the nephew of the village dizzy. Ajarin dizzy trade. Make frightened that her porridge, cariin place. He is selling. Instead he was also unemployed at the village.
Uh, Thank God, it turns out he sold merchandise as well. So, tomorrow, next day, he invites others sodaranya Sodara-pulp trade also
Alhamdulillah, now frightened ngasuh 40 people handyman porridge

WHAT? Forty?

Turnover of the day how much it Mang? I'm so tempted to know the income of a handyman porridge
Turnover of whom? Dizzy? Neng ah secret. Later mistaken for the dizzy ngeles arrogant.
No, the turnover of one stall Mang keukeuh I want to dig up their incomes.
Depending on the provision of God, Neng. But roughly aja ya, if guns no barrier, if more bestselling nih Neng, one cart can sells 100 bowls, the price permangkoknya USD. 5000.

Hhmmm, okay, Rp. 500 000 per day. But, whoa, the dizzy has 40 carts. Woooww .. Rp. 500 000 x 40 = Rp. 20.000.000/hari?
That is, 40 carts selling where aja Mang?
In the near-Neng here aja, seputaran Tanjung Priok. Lah, dizzy cuman IIPA streets here.
Have 40 carts in time tuh Mang how long? I become curious.
Well, long Neng, over 10 years, slowly aja nambahnya. If the previous holder already be believed, the new release. Dizzy adds new foster care.
They buy the same porridge so dizzy?
Yes, They're already tired of selling all day. So the same dizzy aunt who masakin all ingredients, frightened people who pay for bersihin wagon-cart, so each abis dawn, they live sale.
Continue to share how Mang?
Si Neng asked journalists continue to kayak ah ..
Well, Is not I want to learn also from the dizzy. Yes already if guns guns also start to tell anything
Si Neng still just like they used aja, like ngambekan. Gini Neng. They're already tired of selling. So dizzy like a greedy mah guns. Dizzy sales results for the third. A third make dizzy. The rest make a trade

Hhmm, 20.juta x 1 / 3 = 6.6 million more per day. Still pretty

How many doors kept rented Mang?
Contract that was originally a trading place for porridge, so dizzy from patch to patch. After a long time pretty well too
Thirty-door more times, Rin. Mbah me who had been quietly listening, finally voiced as well.
Yes, Alhamdulillah, the month Rp.350.000 sewain dizzy dizzy grins proudly.
The calculator in my brain the road again, counting the incomes of the dizzy.
Rp. 10.500.000/bulan of the contract. Hmmm

Pay taxes dong Mang nyentil the dizzy fun of me
Yes, every month there is the tax man comes. Bantuin tax itung dizzy. Aja mah dizzy resigned. His name is also a fool, so adherents than in prison aja
His zakat Mang?
Yaelah the Neng, it would house. Hopefully dizzy istiqomah pay Zakat. It is all just a deposit of Neng.
But it also frightened me to encourage hard work
Yeah, but if God wills guns, guns give us the street. Well, maybe dizzy forever selling porridge at the end of the alley Neng.

After more than an hour of talk here-ngidul nostalgic

Neng, dizzy once goodbye, well, how many numbers hapenya Neng? Later dizzy miskol yes, dicatet Xs Neng name dizzy. Mang Ratno the Tukang Porridge, like that. Let me not forget again Mang Ratno guns punched in Blackberrynya. I cuman 'grins look at his behavior.

Assalamu'alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Ati-ati road back home if ya Neng.
Wa'alaikumsalam warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Mang Ratno, the repairman porridge utangin the days that I like a little kid, with sunglasses perched dihidung cool. confidently strolled toward his SUV, oh cool.
These memories, makes me believe, that whatever the will of God will happen, and we can never expect what will happen in the future.
Wassalamu'alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Source Rinny Ermiyanti , millist pengusaha muslim
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