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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Financial controlling2

Step 5: Write down the expenses

Once you've made the early stages of the budget calculations, start recording monthly expenses. Even if your final number is positive, you'll want to understand your spending patterns so far.

Carry a small notebook everywhere you go to record the expenditure and withdrawal of money. From the notes you do, you may be surprised to find your spending patterns. Many people who realized that they could spend millions of dollars just to purchase snacks, clothes or paying a cell phone bill. Usually the problem arises because the purchase of goods is not important, that if no one actually did not buy anything. The purpose of this recording is to see the pattern and amount of your expenses.

If you feel your financial mess, try to implement measures to make budget and planning under this so that you can re-take control of your finances. Maybe you need time to improve the pattern of spending, but you need to continue to adapt to get the best financial planning in accordance with the behavior and your financial condition.

Setting the spending is not easy, so include your family in this planning. They also can help your financial arrangements. In addition, the changes you make may affect them as well, so they must be involved in budget-making process.

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