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Thursday, 10 March 2011

5 Habits of Wealthy People

Mimic the habits of the rich can become contagious good way to follow their footsteps so that we too can become rich. According Financially Fit at Yahoo, which has a wealth of Warren Buffett U.S. $ 47 billion (approximately Rp 423 trillion) alone, can still save up to now. His home is still an old house that he bought in 1958 for U.S. $ 31,500 (approximately USD 283.5 million at the exchange rate right now).

Well, what are the habits of wealthy people who make them rich and successful? Here are his top five:

1. Saving

With so much money that a billionaire could buy anything. But do not mean nothing is going frugality. Warren Buffett was among the billionaire who want to downsize. Well frugality also become habit for another billionaire.

2. Risen from failure

Do not see the billionaire from current conditions. They do not mean always smooth in the course of their lives. Only they never complain when faced with a problem even when the problem was to make them bankrupt. They find a way past trying to rise from keterpurukannya.

Steve Jobs, was fired from Apple, a company he founded, at the age of 30 years. But now he is back to being the backbone of Apple with its flagship products that dominate the world such as i-Pad, Apple's latest popular products. Before returning to Apple, Steve Jobs rose by establishing a media company, Pixar, which among others produces the popular movie Finding Nemo that.

3. Maintain reputation

Successful people can maintain the good name and reputation. When a problem happened, he will not be long in a position with the stock dropped because of his reputation, new opportunities will be easy to find. As Steve Jobs on top, when he was expelled from Apple, he could still have the support of funding and so forth from a third party because of its reputation and proven to make it rise.

4. Smart in the act

The billionaire is not just spit the money. For example, give a free on family or friend without a know that money will be used for anything. Because the money could be used for things that no improper or unlawful that one time could be dragged into court. Among the many cases is in the form of political donations or issues of family and friends. Therefore, when he felt the need to say "no" he would say "no" when going to give sesuatu.Dan money was not given. There are astute advice to ease this problem (eliminating bad taste) that they (the billionaire that) have people who manage provision of these contributions.

Ingenuity is also done when negotiating with prospective clients. Many people who fall because of client or business partner who was easily compromised by actions that violate law. because the billionaire always astute in seeing the prospective partners.

5. Buying cheap goods
May wonder if there is a billionaire who wants to bid items acutely. But many among them who did this. Bid or wait for the price of a product falls is the way the billionaire frugality. One example is John Paulson, a wealthy fund manager. When he wanted the dream house he had to wait until the house was signed in the auction market in order to get the cheapest price. Though he could have immediately bought it when it was first interested in buying the house owner offered it. But he believes one day the house will enter the auction market.

It turned out the other billionaire too. They so appreciate the value of money and do not hesitate to negotiate to get cheaper prices when buying something.
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