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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

How much for an idea? Beyond measure!

Many interesting stories about the price of an idea. Eastman Kodak used to reject the idea Edwin Land to create a camera 'instant photo'. Land eventually start her own business and eventually become the main competitor of Polaroid Kodak. Swiss watch industry also rejects the idea of using quartz clock (quartz watch). Japan was the one who finally captures this idea and make the industry watches Japan rule the world. This Japanese watch industry in Switzerland that makes the industry stumbled in recent years.

Well, that means how the potential price of an idea.

We all actually have brilliant ideas. But not many have the courage to express his idea. The most prop is that we always think that our idea is a stupid idea, this idea is not going to like people, this idea has never found someone else, or even somebody
others who have a better idea than the idea I had.

Well, try to uncover these ideas with some logic, as always call me for logic. At least there are three simple ways to explore and reveal this idea.

Change the way of thinking!

If we think that we are rats, then we tikuslah. We do not have to be an expert to have a brilliant idea.
Did you know that:

1. Kodak Film Chrome was developed by a musician.
2. Ballpoint which we use writing was invented by a sculptor.
3. Parking meter, a tool to pay for parking, was found by a journalist.
4. The inventor of the plane the Wright brothers were bicycle experts "onthel", not a scholar 'Aeronautica'.
5. Einstein originally was a mathematician nor a physicist who made it famous.
6. And you must know who has the idea of Darwinian evolution is not it? .. Darwin was a geologist not a biologist.

You may have read his book, Stephen Covey, who said that everything was created in two stages. First in an idea in mind of the inventor, then realized in a factory or industry, both large industries would also even the small industries, households or only form of writing, like his idea of evolution

Leonardo DaVinci was a great inventor and also a painter. At first he saw his ideas in his mind which is then described in a canvas and others make it happen. Leonardo invented the helicopter, tank warfare, the umbrella jump (Parachute), water bikes, snorkel for diving, and much more. All were discovered in the year to early 1500an 1400an.

Idea-Starting from the idea. Start thinking that you are an inventor and the time is starting from now!

Change the way of talking!

"Oh this can not be executed. Nothing like this idea.
I've tried before and not succeeded.
Nothing new in the world who are all already there. "
All of these sentences is an "idea blockers" that must be immediately removed.
Change of â € | now!

Do not say "No way", but let's say  · Æ '"Actually comfortable if
can be done. "
Do not say "dumb idea", but "That's good though, how to make it happen, yes?"
Not simply declare "Good enough hell!", But try adding "How do I develop it?"
There is a story of a German religious expert who had criticized the use of silverware because they do not appreciate the God who created the hand. Surely you do not need to think like him who reputedly hand stung hot food.

The power of words is very great!. He has the power to create or destroy. Speak with a creative starting today. Change your language, it will merubahmu.

Change your behavior!

How many of us who pass through the same road to leave and come home office? Each day nearly 98% of us will pass through the same street as the office, to school, shopping for one full year are repeated in nearly 365 days a year! Nah I'm bored, that?

Someone once said that if you do the same thing over and over again means that you include a lazy do not want to think. Certainly do not need brains if you run the plane with the "autopilot", right?
So do not be lazy thinking, our brains are still a lot of unused capacity as do the routines only. Enter the new data, enter the new input, give a little disruption to processors in our brain works.

Creative started from a change!

Some say that there are certain places most often used to explore ideas, namely in the TOILET!. Remember you Archimides stories that jump from the 'bath tub' kept running around shouting Eureka! Eureka!
He was at that time it naked while running. Certainly not my intention to invite you to move my workspace to the toilet, but to start digging the idea. Start by doing something different. Yes different, just different course. Try later when home from work and tomorrow morning if you leave for work through another path. It's no longer along the road that was every day we passed.

Try different through the door when entering the office or go home.
Want a 'rada' strange, try to write with his left hand! or try to read this article once again with the left eye closed! Or read from bottom to top!

discover new ideas tomorrow morning .............. in the TOILET! (Quoted from RDP)

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