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Monday, 15 February 2010

Guide How to Create a Facebook Account2

Facebook has a verification system is quite strict naming convention. They (actually) only allows the use your real name as display name. If you use a nickname, especially those that contain numerical elements, or use a large font style irritating little s3P3rt1 abg IN1, ready - ready to fill in the fields again for the request as a member of your application will be rejected.

Ok, now have entered your email account?

Already received an e-mail verification from facebook?

Now open the email, and click the link provided in the e-mail

Voila! You are taken to a facebook page! Your facebook account already so! : D

Well, facebook trying to make the application as comfortable as possible is used. Therefore, the first page you encounter now is the getting started page. Guide launch for facebook.

Starting your activities on Facebook

1. Now, you are confronted with a feature on "import friend" from your e-mail address. how easy, simply write your email address and password. But if you want to, skip it by pressing the link skip this step in the
2. Now, you are confronted with a form in Fill Out Jordan Profile Info. Fill in your information about schools, universities, and where you work, this feature makes it easy "friend finder" will
3. After the second step, you will be given a blank form to select the network. Network in facebook is a serious division feature, and do not play - play with it. Click the link below other countries in the fields, and select Indonesia. Click Join.

Well Done! The process to register your facebook is fine. Understanding the panel facebook with you can do with the passage of time. But in the basics, basic understanding of the panel - a panel facebook will be discussed in the next post.

Now, you can start experimenting with the various features of facebook. Start?

* Start by filling in your profile, so other people can find you easily
* Start looking for your friends, and add to Friendlist! we'll do it networking?

Facebook your start page is blank. Soon the content that you can be recognized by others
Additional info: Facebook already supports the language! Create Your Facebook Account change language

Well, for you are not proficient in English, no need to fear and anxiety, especially anxiety (* gak). Facebook already supports our national language, and the result was quite good. : D
How to make your facebook account change language

1. Look at the bottom of the page. No writing Bahasa (U.S.)?
2. Click the link, should launch a dropdown
3. Click the Indonesian
4. Voila! Now view your facebook Indonesia's language. : D

Easy right? ;)

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Facebook additional socialization than can be used for gaming, business:)

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