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Wednesday, 18 November 2009


How to Make Money

There are two ways to make money with Oriflame:
# Profit Jump 30 percent of the amount you pay at Oriflame
# Income unlimited by referring others to recommend the Oriflame products.

You have 10 customers per month, with each person buying a product worth Rp 4. 29,900, -.

You get from customers Rp. 1,196,000, --
You pay to Oriflame Rp. 920,000, --
You get the benefits Rp. 276,000, --

Bringing people recommend Oriflame products
Spread your interesting experience in selling Oriflame products and encourage others to recommend Oriflame products and build your own team of Consultants. You can get up to 21 percent of their sales to join your team. In addition you can earn revenue from the sales person whom they recommend Oriflame products.

Sell yourself in the customer or build your team - or do both!

Visions V* Vibes Lip Gloss _


current bid
5 color according to mood
Sweeter with a sense of double
Where appropriate alloys with you?
# Glitzy - Flavor Melon & Ginger
# Funky - Flavor Raspberry & Mint
# Hottie - Flavor Cherry & Chilli
# Naughty - Blueberry & Cinnamon Flavor
# Sweetie - Apricot & Vanilla Flavor

Catalog (Detail Product)

Glitter Words

Want to join? Really easy way:

1. Fill registration form via email E-mail:

2. Scan ID Card / Driving License or Passport

3. Compose yourself data such as:
- Address, with zip code
- No. Home phone, mobile, Fax if any.
- Your e-mail
- Data banks => Name of Account Holder, Account No., Bank Name, Branch, City

4. Send it all to be 1 e-mail (attach the following KTP / SIM / Passport) to the address

The registration fee is Rp. 40,000
* Get a Starter Kit that contains all the material you need to start your business
* Oriflame Starter Kit includes: Welcome letter Letter from the Managing Director, 2 fruit latest catalog, Skin Care Guide, Customer Order Booklet, Opportunity leaflets, Flyer Programs Welcome, Consultant Manual, Newsletter, Consultant Application Form, Invitation, Mini COF, and Consultant Order Form.

6. And wait for confirmation email from me about how to pay registration.


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